Mar. 26, 2007

Reality Check

Three stories of people hatching a plan and believing they’ve made a dream—big or small—come true. Instead, they’re snapped back to reality: an experience that, as everyone knows, can be unpleasant.

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Heather McElhatton recalls a school bus ride when she was a little girl. The bus was stuck in traffic, and she had to pee, so she invented a plan that seemed clever at the time, but turned out to have long-lasting consequences.

If by Chance We Meet Again

Ralph and Sandra Fisher run a show-animal business in Texas whose biggest star was an unusually gentle Brahman bull named Chance. They loved Chance, and when he died, they tried to bring him back from the dead using cloning technology being developed up the road at Texas A&M University. It worked. A baby bull was born from Chance's DNA. He seemed like Chance reincarnated. Except he wasn't. Which Ralph found out the hard way.

The Spy Who Loved Everyone

Reporter Jorge Just brings us the story of Improv Everywhere, a group of New York City pranksters who found an unknown band from Vermont called Ghosts of Pasha and decided to give them "The Best Gig Ever." They studied the band's music and then crowded the club, pretending to be hard core fans. They thought of it as a kind of gift. But for the band, it was kind of a nightmare.