Dec. 27, 2015

The Totally Objective List of the 7 Best Turkey Fryer Fire Videos on the Internet

Stephanie Foo writes:

In this week’s show, I produced a story about the phenomenon of turkey deep fryer PSAs. Go listen to it here.

But while hearing about the videos is great, the best way to truly experience their magic is to view them in their native habitat — on Youtube. Here are some my favorites.


1) The O.G. The grandfather. The video that inspired our nation — John Drengenberg’s hit for Underwriters Laboratories. Don’t miss the thrilling two full minutes of B-Roll footage at the end!



2) A parody of Drengenberg’s video. Better than its content is really just the fact that exists at all.



3) Fargo Fire Department’s whopper. I dare you to try not smiling while watching this. Can someone make me a 6-hour loop of this so I can just play it on my screen in lieu of a fireplace at my Christmas party this year?


4) The Escambia County Fire Rescue’s demo doesn’t produce the biggest fireball, but it’s one of the most enjoyable. I fall in love with Lt. Akerman’s awkward glee every time.


5) The Gwinnett County Fire Department shows you exactly why you shouldn’t throw water on a grease fire.


6) Technically not by a Fire Department, but behold: the largest turkey fireball I could find on the internet. It could probably use some Metallica, though.


7) Last, but certainly not least — is there really anything in the world that doesn’t become more entertaining when you add William Shatner? Well, maybe a hot tub. Regardless! This video is possibly the pinnacle of his career.


And just when it couldn’t get any better, the dubstep remix: