January 27, 2023

You're It

Sometimes you raise your hand. Other times you’re just the only one left.

Gracia Lam

Note: The internet version of this episode contains un-beeped curse words. BEEPED VERSION.



What happens when an emergency room nurse has an emergency? Kelsay Irby did something that landed her in the headlines. (9 minutes)

Act One

Every Day is Father's Day

Megan Tan never felt close to her father. For years they’ve been distant. He was super critical. She stopped engaging, moved across the country, and stayed away. And then something happened that made Megan decide to take charge and remake their relationship. (27 minutes)

Megan is the host of Snooze, a podcast from LAist Studios.

Act Two

Game of Phones

Over the last few years, producer Chana Joffe-Walt has been checking in with someone who wears the mantle of being “it” well. She’s a school principal named Teresa Hill. She likes being in charge. She’s very consistent about it. Except for one choice she made that Chana did not understand. (17 minutes)