May 6, 2022

My Lying Eyes

People staring squarely at the truth, and still finding it hard to believe what they’re seeing.

Michelle Kondrich

Note: The internet version of this episode contains un-beeped curse words. BEEPED VERSION.



Two co-workers notice something off about the new guy at work. They think they know what it is, but it seems too strange to be true. (6 minutes)

Act One

She Blinded Us With Science

Producer Chana Joffe-Walt talks to researcher Mary Koss about how she came to see a thing that others couldn’t, and about what she did with that knowledge. (15 minutes)

Act Two

How the Other Side Leaves 

Reporter James Spring visits a refugee camp in Tijuana, Mexico filled with Ukranians fleeing the war. James is no stranger to refugee camps in Mexico, but still finds it hard to believe what he's seeing. (18 minutes)

By James Spring; Produced by Sean Cole
Act Three

We Did Start the Fire

Sometimes even when you live through something, it can be hard to see it for what it is. Reporter Katie Worth has a story about a 7th-grader in that position. (15 minutes)

Katie reported this story for the PBS series Frontline and the Ground Truth Project. She is the author of the book Miseducation: How Climate Change Is Taught In America.

By Katie Worth; Produced by Chris Benderev