June 11, 2021


The bonds between sisters and how they get broken and fixed—or not.

Emanuele Berry and her sister, Keanna.



In families with sisters, every sister has their role to play. And whatever your role is, it sort of becomes your identity: the sweet one, the diva, the rebel. Emanuele Berry was pretty sure her identity was “the favorite.” Then she called her three sisters. (11 minutes)

Act One

Cindy and Dayana

Cindy and Dayana Carcamo are close. But recently, they’ve been struggling with this thing that happened when they were very young. For the first part of their childhood, they didn’t know each other at all. (29 minutes)

Act Two

Megan and Sybil

The first act of our show was about someone who has spent decades trying to close the gap with her sister because they were apart until she was eight years old. This next story is the reverse. Megan and Sybil Neuringer were together up through age eight. Their separation started when they were nine. (13 minutes)