March 20, 2020

Alone Together

This week, as the staff creates the episode from their apartments and houses, with our host in quarantine, in this moment when everyone’s reaching out to the people they love, we put together a collection of family stories, with some timely stuff at the top.

This American Life staff working from home. 



Host Ira Glass gives an update on his health status after going into quarantine last week, and David Kestenbaum interviews a 71 year old trying to avoid the virus. (8 minutes)

Act One

Hey Dad. Dad!

Stephanie Foo talks to a father trying to go about his day while his daughter comes to him over and over, with some things on her mind. (13 minutes)


“Close to You” by Reneé Dominique
Act Two

Call Me Maybe

A mom checking in on her son. A son figuring out who he can talk to about his mom. Producer Sean Cole is the son. (10 minutes)

Act Three


Ira calls up his mother Shirley Glass after unexpectedly finding her quoted as a “sexpert” in Marie Claire magazine, back in 1996. One of the first stories we did on our show. (8 minutes)

Act Four

It Takes a Villa

Producer Neil Drumming tells the story of his dad and his family’s timeshare in Orlando, Florida. (13 minutes)