April 13, 2018

Damned If You Do…

It’s one thing to weigh pros and cons. But sometimes all you have is con and con. This week, stories of people having to make a choice, when no good options exist.

Adriane Ohanesian / Getty Images


Host Ira Glass talks with two women who went to see the rodeo – the Professional Bull Riders tour – and came away wondering if they were witnessing a #MeToo moment in a very surprising place. (8 minutes)

Act One

The Borrowers

A group of refugees who are stuck in debt, see a way out. But there’s a catch. Kevin Sieff explains. Kevin also wrote about this topic for the Washington Post, where he was the Nairobi bureau chief. The United Nations World Food Programme, mentioned in the outtro, is online at wfp.org. (21 minutes)