April 19, 2013

Picture Show

This week, Israeli soldiers take snapshots of Palestinian boys, one house at a time, in the middle of the night. This and other stories where getting the picture gives you the upper hand.


In the aftermath of the Boston bombings, the Internet has been awash with images from the marathon, all in the name of trying to figure out who’s behind the attack. Ira talks to Reddit moderator Zach Barnett about how hard it is not to project suspicions onto these images. (5 minutes)

Act Two

A Picture is Worth A Thousand… Dollars

Painter Schandra Singh usually sells her paintings to wealthy art collectors. So when she gets a letter from a father of a boy with autism, saying his son loves her work, she decides to do a trade with him, one of her sketches for one of his. It’s only later that she realizes she’s not the only artist in her circle of friends who got that letter. Reporter Scott Pinkmountain looks into who is behind the form letter. (24 minutes)