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445: Ten Years In
Act Five

Bad Teacher

Alix Spiegel revisits a story she reported in 2006 - which caused more listeners to email us than any other story we've broadcast. It was about a Muslim American girl named "Chloe," who was tormented at school after the students had a lesson on 9/11. Alix is a correspondent for NPR News. (10 minutes)

A Correction: In this story, we accidentally misreported a statistic. We stated that according to FBI statistics, about 10 percent of hate crimes in 2009 were against Muslims. In fact, about 10 percent of religiously-motivated hate crimes were against Muslims. It was 128 of the 1,376 religiously-motivated hate crimes that year (9.3 percent). In all, there were 7,789 hate crime offenses in 2009, so incidents against Muslims were 1.6% of the total, which is tiny. That same year, there were 2,724 hate crimes against Black people, 798 hate crimes against gay men and 964 hate crimes against Jews, according to the FBI. A table of the data is here on the FBI's website. Our reporter misread this summary. We're grateful to the listener who emailed and pointed this out, Robert Ben Garant.