July 7, 2000

Crime Scene (2000)

Every crime scene hides a story. In this week's show, we hear about crime scenes and the stories they tell.

A crime scene investigator in England.



Medical Examiner L.J. Dragovic, in Pontiac, Michigan, explains how every crime scene is like a novel. (4 minutes)
Act One

How Do We Know?

Forensic Criminologist Enrico Togneri in Nevada explains exactly what can be learned from evidence on a crime scene: What can be learned from the shape of a blood stain or a piece of cheese. (4 minutes)
Act Three

A Criminal Returns To The Scene Of The Crime

Sometimes criminals return to the scene of their misdeeds—to try to make things right, to try to undo the past. Katie Davis reports on her neighbor Bobby, who returned to the scene where he robbed people and conned people...to coach Little League. (21 minutes)