January 21, 2000

Kids As Adults

Stories of kids trying to act like adults—some by choice—some because they're forced to.


The story of a teenagers' party among teenagers who thought of themselves as very grownup. In many ways they completely understand what a grownup party is like: Quiet conversation with lots of thoughtful nodding of heads, alcohol without excessive or loud consumption. Except there's one custom of an adult party they get completely wrong. (3 minutes)
Act Two

Househusband At 12

When Anh Tuan Hoang was 12 and living in Vietnam back in 1980, his cousin was scheming up a way to escape the country by boat. Anh Tuan was invited too. He wanted to go, but for reasons that had very little to do with reality and everything to do with the way a kid sees the world. (12 minutes)
Act Four

Angry Young Man, Times Two

This is the story of two people—one in his late teens, one in his late fifties. Both have good reasons to be mad at the world, but what they did with their anger—and what society did with them—are very different. Willie Ross ended up as an assistant superintendent at a juvenile detention center; Terence Golden ended up imprisoned there. (10 minutes)